Compliance Reward

Gamify Compliance

Leverage instant gratification to reward employees for completing all the tasks required to become compliant. Rewards can include gift cards, company branded apparel, PTO, or payroll contributions.

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customizable logic

Design you own compliance workflow

Configure the compliance engine to match your organization's unique needs. You can use our platform as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with any existing HR or EHS system.

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User Friendly

100% Mobile Optimized

We designed our platform keeping onsite and remote workers in mind. You can access the platform using any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection. Our solution is HIPAA-compliant.

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Reward System
Customize rewards for your employees by leveraging instant gratification
100% Responsive
Our platform is mobile optimized to provide a great user experience on any device
HIPAA Compliant
AWS Gov-Cloud hosted to ensure HIPAA technical and physical safeguards are met
Custom Logic
Compliance is customizable to adapt to your own compliance logic and workflows
Gamify Compliance
Make compliance fun by awarding prizes and badges to employees that complete their requirements
Reduce language barrier as a non-compliance challenge. Available in over 100 different languages

Starter Plan

Unlimited Admins
HIPAA Compliant
Up to 2 Compliance Metrics
SMS Reminders
Custom Compliance Logic
per employee, per month
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Innovative approach to compliance clearance

Our NFC technology allows for real-time verification from any device. Employees can check their status or provide proof by just tapping their NFC-sticker to any NFC-enabled phone.

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Vaccine Auditing

HIPAA-compliant solution for storage, validation, tracking, and reporting of employee health immunization records. Real-time compliance data is accessible in cloud-based dashboard.

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weekly Testing

Test Result Validation

Employees that require weekly testing can upload their results directly into their profile. Email/fax is also available. Our platform can audit and validate self-reported results to maintain compliance with the new federal mandate.

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Onsite or Home Kits

Our support team can provide options for onsite testing or home kit distribution. Employees can take weekly tests at home and upload the results into our platform for validation and auditing.

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